We Are Behavior Change Institute! 

Behavior Change Institute is a premier provider of Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) treatment. We are recognized for our compassionate approach to providing children and families with the necessary supports to reach their full potential.  


We inspire hope and improve the wellbeing of families by leveraging technology to create access to high-quality ABA treatment options for under-served communities.



 We accomplish our mission by:

  1.  Creating authentic relationships with families and local communities to provide client-centered, integrated care.
  2.  Providing a positive and supportive workplace for a diverse, engaged workforce that is brought together using state of the art technology.
  3.  Implementing evidence-based practices and contributing to our scientific knowledge base by pioneering the use of a tele-health service delivery model within the field of applied behavior analysis.
  4.  Adhering to ethical clinical and business practices to promote sustainability and responsible growth of the company.



Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism.

We Dedicate Our Resources To:

  • Eliminating the barriers that prevent individuals and families in underserved, rural and impoverished areas from accessing the necessary support services
  • Inspiring bountiful job creation within the communities we serve
  • Leading in research and contribute to advancements in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Producing optimal treatment outcomes through evidenced based practice
  • Developing and maintaining authentic partnerships with multidisciplinary individuals who, through professional collaboration, can help us to fulfill our mission