Life At BCI

At Behavior Change Institute, we utilize advanced technology to create essential health access and build capacity in underserved communities. A unique service model makes for a unique organization. Here are just a few of the ways we celebrate #LifeAtBCI!

1.) We honor our mission. When we say we are working to enhance access, we mean it! BCI is truly invested in the communities and people that we serve. This is engrained in the fabric of our professional community and something that we are proud of! Our tenacious team is constantly creating new & innovative programs to benefit our clients and our communities. From hosting community events, family support groups, providing public lectures to disseminate our knowledge, contributing to meaningful research, organizing grant-funded programs, finding creative ways to provide financial assistance to families in need – the list goes on. We are a group of people who live & breathe to serve our clients, their communities, and each other.

2.) We are in this together. We’ve thoughtfully engineered a culture of teamwork where employees prioritize peer to peer support, professional collaboration and feedback. Our employees are routinely recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to support one another and we celebrate this at every opportunity!

3.) We are invested in you. We recognize that our employees invest heavily in BCI and its mission when we become their select employer. To honor your investment in our company, we offer countless, individualized opportunities for employees to gain experience, explore special interest areas and achieve personal and professional goals. The opportunities for your personal and professional development are bountiful at BCI, because we believe in you and want to help you accomplish the great things that you aspire to.

What Our Employees Say About Serving Our Mission

Every year, we invite an independent third-party organization to survey our employees and collect completely anonymous feedback. We love honest feedback, because we are committed to building the most amazing company that we can. Here’s what our clinicians had to say this year!

“I am continually impressed with how BCI treats their employees, and their compassion and understanding of a work-life balance. Their investments in an administrative team, staff intranet, clinical summits, and other supports are extremely helpful and very impressive.” – BCBA Clinician

“How does Behavior Change Institute use your full potential?”

“They take notice in what I am passionate about by praising different initiatives pursued and inspire me to think outside the box or on a bigger scale by quoting research from ABA and other fields.” – BCBA Clinician

“I love my job because…”

“It enables me to make a difference in the lives of those who otherwise would not have access to necessary services. I love being [a part of] the collaborative, supportive, and team approach at BCI.” – BCBA Clinician
“It gives me the opportunity to do what I love and I have the flexibility to take care of my family.” – BCBA Clinician
“It challenges and energizes me” – BCBA Clinician
“It’s a great work environment and it’s flexible.” – BCBA Clinician
“Highly supportive environment. Supervisors want you to be successful.” – BCBA Clinician
“Senior management inspire me to be creative and pursue passions. I feel connected to my coworkers through projects and biweekly clinic meetings and our leadership summit.” – BCBA Clinician

Our Investment In You

  • Competitive Salary
  • Performance-Based Pay Initiative
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental, Vision, & Life Insurance
  • 401-K Retirement Plan
  • Certified Financial Planning
  • Cell Phone Stipend
  • Generous PTO
  • Annual Education Stipend
  • Paid Training Time
  • Annual Clinical Leadership Summits
  • Research & Development Opportunities
  • Staff Engagement Program
  • New Hire Peer Mentor Program
  • Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Working Parents Support Group
  • Monthly CEU Opportunities
  • Innovative Model of Care
  • Research Partnerships
  • Comprehensive Quality Management & Support Program
  • Access to State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • Leadership Training
  • ECHO clinics (in-depth case reviews with experts from multiple disciplines)