Whole Care For The Whole Family

Behavior Change Institute offers a variety of individualized counseling services aimed at helping families understand the unique challenges and gifts that often come with a diagnosis of autism. Through the therapeutic processes, we support families in learning to navigate the complex web of healthcare, education, and social systems that are designed support individuals and families in living richer, fuller lives. At Behavior Change Institute, all individuals are supported within the context of their family, their culture and their community.


Parent and Caregiver Counseling

Though incredibly rewarding, parenting may be one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of a person’s life. In addition to tending to a child’s daily living needs, parents are also generally responsible for providing optimal opportunities growth through every stage of development.

Our providers specialize in supporting individuals with autism and their families, and therefore, we understand firsthand that parenting can become even more challenging when a child’s diagnosis requires complex specialty care.

Through our therapeutic process, we skillfully support parents and caregivers in navigating these unique complexities to achieve total family wellness.


Family Counseling

We take a holistic approach to working through challenges that impact families. Our licensed therapists are trained to support families and those they love through a wide-range of life stressors, including child and adolescent issues, parenting concerns, family relationships, communication, major life changes and transitions, and school-related support needs. Family therapy is a collaborative process that allows for the co-creation of attainable goals between Behavior Change Institute and its clients.


Sibling Counseling

Siblings of children who have autism can often benefit from individualized support and nurturance. We offer full-scope counseling services for child and adolescent siblings aimed at understanding and navigating complex emotions, building perspective, appreciating one’s individual gifts and shaping a healthy self identity and esteem within an individual and family construct.


Tele-Behavioral Health Model

Behavior Change Institute assumes a prominent role in fostering behavioral health for individuals and families through an advanced tele-behavioral health model. Under this model, recipients of counseling services have the ability to connect with one of our licensed therapists from the comfort of their own home, using our HIPAA compliant video streaming platform. You may follow this link to learn more about our Tele-Behavioral Health model.

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