Certified Family Peer Support Services

Our Certified Family Peer Support Program provides non-clinical support services to parents and primary caregivers of adolescent and young adult children up to the age of 21 who are covered under NM Medicaid insurance and who have a diagnosis of ASD. Peer Support services are delivered by a Certified Family Peer Support Worker (CFPSW) who shares the lived experience of raising a child with social, emotional, behavioral, mental health, or developmental disability challenges. In New Mexico, CFPSWs receive specialized training that helps them foster resiliency and empowerment in other families who are raising adolescent and young adult children with similar experiences. Certified Family Peer Support Workers are certified under The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals.

Support, strengthened.

Family Peer Support Providers are parents or primary caregivers of adolescent or young adult children with behavioral or mental health challenges who have first-hand experience navigating the often overwhelming juvenile-serving systems like mental health services, special education, juvenile justice, or child protective services, on behalf of their children. Family Peer Support Providers are able to offer families unique expertise based and a common bond built through their lived experiences navigating one or more of these systems on behalf of their own adolescent or young adult children with behavioral challenges. Family Peer Support Providers work to promote your family’s voice and choices by striving to build partnerships between families, providers, and other key stakeholders. Their goal is to empower your family’s voice, ensure your preferences are incorporated into your child’s goals, and to strengthen natural support systems for the benefit of your family and your child.

Support is within reach.

If your family is not yet receiving services from Behavior Change Institute, you can learn more about our Family Peer Support Program and your child’s eligibility by filling out our Online Enrollment Form, by speaking to a member of our Care Coordination Team by phone at (866) 273-2451, or by emailing us at info@behaviorchangeinstitute.com.

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