Addressing Your Questions is an Important Part of the Process

We understand that beginning ABA services can be an exciting experience, but can also leave you with many questions. We hope to answer some of these questions here, but feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child, we ask that you please complete our online intake form. Here we will gather basic information about your child, family and your insurance benefits, which will help guide our process in establishing the necessary support.

Preparing for Services

Following the initial intake, your family will be assigned a Clinical Team who will remain available to you throughout the course of treatment. Once a Clinical Team has been assigned, our nurse case manager will contact you to arrange a family success consultation. During this call, we share our recommendations to set your child up for success.

Set Your Child Up for Success

Prior to your first home visit, it is helpful to identify a quiet location in the home where your child and the Behavior Technician can work. It is best if the area has few distractions (i.e. toys, television, etc.), which may interfere with your child’s session.

First Month of Services

This is an exciting time! However, we understand it can be overwhelming. Here are a few general things to expect when we begin services:

  • A Behavior Analyst Supervisor will conduct an initial assessment, evaluating your child’s functioning across several domains.
  • Based on the results of the initial assessment, the Supervisor will develop your child’s treatment plan, including recommendations for targeted goals and intensity of treatment.
  • The Supervisor will meet with you to discuss your child’s treatment plan and will work with you individually to learn about ABA Therapy.
  • Under the supervision of a Behavior Analyst Supervisor, A Behavior Technician will come into your home 3-5 days per week to work with your child and family. The Supervisor will oversee the Behavior Technician and will continually monitor your child’s progress
  • The Supervisor and Behavior Technician will coach you during session to teach you how to implement the behavioral strategies that we are using to teach your child.
  • Behavior Change Institute utilizes state-of-the art, research-based methods to provide your child’s treatment. Your child’s data, treatment plan, and treatment schedule are all accessible to you through our Electronic Health Records System, which is a secure online portal. You can access this information at anytime to stay current on your child’s progress.