Military Families 

Behavior Change Institute is an approved ABA provider for military families eligible for benefits under the Tricare Extended Health Option (ECHO) program. ECHO is a supplemental program that provides financial assistance for an integrated set of services and supplies to eligible family members. 


ABA Coverage for Military Beneficiaries:

Basic Benefit: This benefit is available to all eligible TRICARE beneficiaries. Services under this program are provided by a BCBA or BCBA-D working directly with the beneficiary and his/her family. BCaBAs and behavioral tutors are not eligible to provide services under this program.

The Autism Demonstration project: This benefit is available only to Active Duty Family Members (ADFM) enrolled in the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO). This program utilizes BCBA/BCBA-D and BCaBA Supervisors who provide direct supervision of Behavioral Tutors. A separate application is required for this program.

The ABA Pilot program: This program is available only to Non Active Duty Family Members (NADFM). This program utilizes BCBA/BCBA-D Supervisors who provide direct supervision to BCaBA Tutors and Behavioral Tutors. A separate application is required for this program.


Permanent Change of Station 

We understand how difficult it is for families to establish themselves in new communities and support their children in effectively adjusting to change. Through advanced TeleBehavioral Health Technology, we have the capacity to support families through these difficult transitions and re-establish services in any location, nationwide. 

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