Christine Patee2

Christine began work as a Registered Behavior Technician at Behavior Change Institute, in February 2016. Throughout the past 3 years, her passion for the community she works with continued to strengthen! She decided to obtain a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as join BCI’s BCBA Internship program. Throughout her internship program, BCI has given her the opportunity to gain knowledge and responsibilities in the areas of Medical Records and other Administrative Tasks, Staff Training and Mentoring, Community Trainings/Support/Outreach, Designing Programs, Facilitating Assessments, and Providing Continuity of Care to the families we serve. Christine is committed to being creative, innovative, and sensitive to all families she serves, to make their service unique and functional for their personal life! She is also committed to sharing her knowledge with those around her, and not only listening to, but collaborating with parents and other team members to enhance the quality and compassion of the services we provide.

Areas of Interest

Christine’s interests lie in the areas of Coping Skills, Social and Community Skills, and Family Interactions, to help facilitate a bond between the individuals we serve and their community.


Christine received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Family and Child Studies from The University of New Mexico in December 2017. She is currently enrolled in Master of Arts in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University. She is expected to graduate July 2020.

Volunteer Work

Christine volunteered at Dogwood Therapy Services the summer of 2017, where she started to learn how to training dogs to become service dogs, combine animal therapy with occupational therapy.

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

What BCI means to me:
To me, BCI means compassion and support, and growth. The team at BCI truly cares for one another and the families we serve. They actively listen, are proactive in their communication, and are always ready to help! This also speaks to the quality of services we provide. The continuous support and compassion given in trainings and in field experience leads to continuous growth of our team and families we serve, providing the highest quality of treatment! The more we can learn and improve ourselves, the better we can serve our families, BCI values this! This work environment promotes higher levels of learning, while providing opportunities to shape and develop new skills. Once this skill is developed, then we can pass these new skills onto other team members. All team members have something to contribute, and we share that contribution with one another!

What I contribute to BCI:
I contribute creative ideas to our team members and families, to suit their individual needs. I contribute positivity, passion, and support in my trainings, as well as the services I provide. I contribute to the development and participation of events in our community, to raise awareness and provide opportunities for our families to engage in. I also provide administrative/management/organizational skills to promote company operations and efficiency.