Nina Wobbrock

Nina has been with Behavior Change Institute since shortly after its inception in March 2014. She joined the company with close to 7 years of experience in financial auditing and collections, as well as 3 years in medical billing.

With a great love for attention to detail and organization Nina tends to find herself analyzing numbers to ensure accuracy, improve payroll processes and maintain financial stability.

Currently, Mrs. Wobbrock is performing the responsibilities of payroll processing, medical billing, financial auditing and reporting, and maintaining accurate accounting records.

Before joining Behavior Change Institute, Nina worked in a similar field supporting individuals with learning disabilities. Passionate about the development of others, Mrs. Wobbrock is proud to play a critical role in assisting BCI to achieve its mission to support individuals with autism in reaching their full potential. While Nina works primarily behind the scenes, she enjoys regular opportunities to work directly with BCI’s employees, clients and families!

Areas of Interest

Finance Management
Financial Analysis & Modeling
Financial Reporting
Best Practices in Medical Billing
Transparent Business Practices
Employee Satisfaction


Bachelor of Science, Sacramento State University

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

BCI’s Mission to me means building capacity in regions that do not have the infrastructure nor necessary BCBAs/staff to give individuals access to care they need. To deliver programs to families that allow parents/guardians to be actively involved in the individual’s advancements. Our goal is not to keep a client, but to provide a patient with the opportunity and tools to achieve a quality of life they may have never known before BCI’s team provided its clinical expertise.

In my eyes BCI’s societal impact is present in more than just medical treatment for clients. We are made up of a wide variety of people from various parts of the country with various skill levels. I believe that this company is working harder on recruiting, training, and furthering knowledge than any other place I have worked. BCI truly inspires hope by fighting against socio-economic barriers and achieving opportunities for clients and staff alike.