What is TeleBehavioral Health?

TeleBehavioral Health is delivery of health related services and information via telecommunication technologies. Behavior Change Institute utilizes a secure, HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record System to facilitate communication between families, BCI Clinicians, as well as collaborate with other professionals in the families support team (e.g., SLP, PT, OT). Through this state-of-the art system, families can access:

  • Up-to-date information on their child’s treatment progress
  • Clinical Correspondence
  • Treatment schedule

Behavior Change Institute specializes in the provision of intensive ABA services through a TeleBehavioral Health supervision model. Through the use of technology, BCI’s Clinicians are able to access client treatment records daily through our secure patient portal. Each treatment goal is graphed daily, and treatment protocols are modified in the client’s health care record, allowing for optimal communication between the child’s treatment team.

Why TeleBehavioral Health?

According to the World Health Organization, the geographical location of a family is one of the main contributing factors as to whether an individual with a disability will receive access to treatment. Because there is an international shortage of Behavior Analysts, many individuals with disabilities living in rural or geographically isolated areas continue to be underserved.

For example, According to the US Census 2013, there are an estimated 5,853 children in the state of New Mexico who under the age of 18 and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum and only 26 Board Certified Behavior Analysts statewide. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board indicates that the average caseload for one behavior analyst supervising focused treatment is 16-24 patients. This leaves an estimated 5229 individuals under the age of 18 without access to this medically necessary treatment.

At Behavior change Institute we believe all families should have access to medically necessary services for their children. In an effort to enhance access and build capacity in rural communities, Behavior Change Institute is relying on advanced technology to deliver treatment via a researched-based telemedicine model.

Under this model, local Behavior Technicians are hired and trained to implement intensive 1:1 treatment in family homes, schools, and community-based settings. Where families do not have access to a Certified Behavior Analyst, BCI brings in clinical expertise from more highly populated areas and the local behavior technicians are supervised remotely, using real-time secured video streams.


Continuity of Care

In addition to improving access to ABA services, our TeleBehavioral Health supervision model allows us to provide continuity of care for military families who are selected for relocation. Because we know there are many changes for a family, we ensure the child’s supervising BCBA Clinician remains on the treatment team and continues with the treatment plan upon the family’s arrival their new home.

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