What is the Peer Mentorship Program?

At Behavior Change Institute, we believe we’re better together! The intent of our peer mentorship program is to provide the tools, resources, and information necessary to welcome, direct, and train new employees. It is designed to help employees become productive and confident in their new jobs. The purpose of assigning a mentor is to give new employees a personal connection to a peer at Behavior Change Institute, someone who can help advise them, help them learn about the company and its culture, and offer encouragement.

Employees selected to become mentors are recognized for their excellence in practice, leadership skills, and consistent demonstration of BCI’s core mission & values.

Check out what some of our employees are saying about their Peer Mentors!

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"[My Peer Mentor] has a very helpful, kind, understanding and engaged presence and truly felt like a mentor to me. I really appreciate her role as a peer mentor, and also her genuine interactions with me. I could tell that her heart was in it and that she cares!"

“[My Peer Mentor] was very supportive and even connected me to another team member in the same graduate program I am in as an additional resource. She spoke very highly of the company and had a positive attitude each time we spoke. She was very encouraging.”

“[My Peer Mentor] is awesome. She is friendly, helpful, insightful, well informed, organized, efficient, professional, optimistic and so much more. I am truly grateful to have been matched with her.”

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