Joy Pollard, Ph.D., BCBA-D

CEO of Clinical Operations

Kathleen Karimi, MHA

CEO of Business Operations

Michelle Ficcaglia, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Quality Assurance Advisor

Joseph Baker, Ph.D.

Research Advisor

Shawnee Collins, PhD, BCBA-D, LCSW

Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board

Nina Wobbrock, B.S.

Finance Director

Katharina Whittington, MBA

Health Insurance Specialist

Lauren McKee, B.A.

Business Systems and Analytics Manager

Kelly Weingart, M.A.

Talent Acquisition & Retention Manager

Arlette Bujanda Rodriguez, M.A., BCBA

Senior Clinician, Research Assistant I, Safety Care Specialist Trainer

Denise Weaver, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Abigail Head, BSW

Registered Behavior Technician, Technology Specialist & Materials Manager

Faira Carlson, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Christan Griffin, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinician, Clinical Supervisor

Jessica Ballerstein, B.S.

Credentialing Coordinator

Devan Manilla, MiF

Healthcare Claims Supervisor

Jasmine Carpenter

Research Coordinator, Associate Trainer

Cathy Gomez, M.A., BCBA

Senior Clinical Manager

Zachary Wyman, M.S., BCBA


Alyssa Baker M.A., BCBA, LBA

Associate Clinician

David Cox, Ph.D., M.S.B., BCBA

Quality Assurance Advisor

Rachel Spaulding, M.S, BCBA


Christine Patee, M.Ed., BCBA

Associate Clinician

Lynnette Aguilar, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Director of Training and Senior Clinician

Carisse Ramos, B.A

Senior Care Coordinator

Vanessa Calhoun, M.S., BCBA

Senior Clinician, Clinical Supervisor

Elia Lonestar, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Stephanie Perdue, MAT, BCBA

Senior Clinician

MaKena Nash, Clinical Scheduling Coordinator, RBT II

Clinical Scheduling Coordinator

Jacqueline Solis, AS

RBT, Clinical Intake Coordinator

Ruby Mannankara-Cabrera, MS, LBA, BCBA


Abigail Thomas, M.A., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Kaitlin Carlos, MA, BCBA


Sara Bergthold

Corporate Communications Specialist

Manji M Knudson, M. Ed, BCBA, LBA


Shannon E Field, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA

Senior Clinician

Shannan E Stover

Collections Coordinator

Barbara B Abalos, BCBA

Senior Clinician

Traci Birchard, M.S.

Associate Clinician

Sally J Schulz, M.A.

Intake Coordinator

Patricia Weigand, Ph.D., BCBA, LBA

Senior Clinician

Samantha Garrett, A.A.

Training Coordinator, RBT II

Erin Maroney, M.Ed, BCBA

Associate Clinician

Erika Mulderink, B.A.

HR Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Lorena Flores, M.A., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Jessica Clark, B.A.

Human Resources Onboarding Coordinator

Shannon Dennison, M. Ed., BCBA

Associate Clinician

Majid Karimi, B.A.

Business Consultant

Miranda Pietroforte, B.S.


Crista K Conboy, BCBA

Senior Clinician

Leslie Quiroz, Ph.D, BCBA-D, LBA

Senior Clinician & Clinical Supervisor

Celeste C Mathie, BCBA

Associate Clinician

Kevin Scherkenbach, B.A.

Database Coordinator