Joy Pollard, Ph.D., BCBA-D

CEO of Clinical Operations

Kathleen Karimi, MHA

CEO of Business Operations

Michelle Ficcaglia, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Quality Assurance Advisor

Joseph Baker, Ph.D.

Research Advisor

Shawnee Collins, PhD, BCBA-D, LCSW

Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board

Lauren McKee, B.A.

Business Systems and Analytics Manager

Kelly Weingart, M.A.

Director of Talent Acquisition

Denise Weaver, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Abigail Head, BSW

Clinical Resource Manager & Skills Clinic Leader

Faira Carlson, M.Ed., BCBA

Clinical Supervisor & Clinical Liaison

Jessica Ballerstein, B.S.

Credentialing & Staff Engagement Coordinator

Devan Manilla, MiF

Healthcare Billing Manager

Alyssa N Baker, MA, BCBA, LBA

Senior Clinician

Rachel Haug, M.S, BCBA

Family Experience Specialist & Senior Clinician

Vanessa Calhoun, M.S., BCBA

Clinical Supervisor & Talent Development Supervisor

Stephanie Perdue, MAT, BCBA

Senior Clinician

MaKena Nash, Senior Clinical Scheduling Coordinator, RBT II

Senior Clinical Scheduling Coordinator

Manji M Knudson, M. Ed, BCBA, LBA

Senior Clinician

Shannan E Stover

Healthcare Claims Collections Coordinator

Erin Caulmare, M.Ed, BCBA

Senior Clinician

Erika Mulderink, B.A.

Director of Human Resources

Majid Karimi, B.A.

Business Consultant

Crista Conboy, M.A., BCBA

Director of Care Coordination

Leslie Quiroz, Ph.D, BCBA-D, LBA

Behavior Analyst Research Coordinator

Kevin Scherkenbach, B.A.

Database Coordinator

Lynette Hardimon M.A., BCBA

Senior Clinician

KatieLynn Highfill, MA

Senior Employee Experience Coordinator

Candice Schneidereit, B.A.

Patient Benefits Coordinator

Corine O’Neill

Billing & Collections Specialist

Jacquelyn “Jacky” Mills

Senior Integrated Care Coordinator

Hannah Millsap

Clinical Operations Training Coordinator

Raquel Patton M.A., BCBA

Associate Clinician

Crysta S Jones, BCBA

Family Experience Specialist

Tanya Walker, M.S., BCBA

Senior Clinician

Stacey Nelson, Cancellation Coordinator, RBT II

Cancellation Coordinator, RBT II

Chinyoung Schuhmacher, M.A., BCBA

Associate Clinician

Megan Hopkins

Associate Recruiter

Patrick Zamora

Behavioral Health Outreach Coordinator

Kristy Baker

Clinic Administrator & Lead RBT ll

Jennifer Boyd, M.S., BCBA

Research and Treatment Clinician

Melissa Chambers, BCBA

RBT Training Specialist

Kit Dilley RRT-SDS, RBT II

RBT Internship & Associate HR Coordinator

Megan Robinson, BCBA

Behavior Analyst Clinician

Janet Perez

Patient Intake Coordinator

Ashley Eatmon, MA, BCBA

Senior Clinician

Sarah Marzan, Clinical Resource Assistant, RBT II

Clinical Resource Assistant, RBT II

Adrianna L. Vigil, Clinic Administrator I

Clinic Administrator I

Melissa Vidaure, Associate Recruiter

Associate Recruiter