Leslie began working with individuals with special needs in 2011. She has worked as a direct service provider in Southborough, MA, as a consulting clinician and trainer for behavior technicians in Caldwell, NJ, and as a supervising clinician in Plano, TX across home-based, residential, clinic, and school settings. In her roles as Behavior Analyst Research Coordinator, Leslie is honored to serve underserved populations via telehealth, promote more equitable access to ABA, and support clinicians at BCI in their professional development.

Areas of Interest

Observational Learning
Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Verbal Skills
Parent Training
Patient Advocacy


Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis, Caldwell University


2019 Sidney W. & Janet R. Bijou Grant

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

Leslie’s primary goal is to provide each client and their family the best care and treatment for their needs. She is excited to collaborate with the amazing team at BCI on projects related to parent training and the dissemination of ABA.