Jessica started her journey with BCI as a Behavior Technician and later transitioned into a fulltime administrative support role. Jessica’s is currently responsible for managing BCI’s Technology and Materials Departments and assisting the Human Resources Department in successfully onboarding new employees. In 2015, Jessica was recognized for excellence and nominated to serve as BCI Community Liaison. Through her role as a Community Liaison, Jessica organizes fun and interactive community events for local staff and families.

Areas of Interest

Community Outreach
Company Culture
Organizational Management
Business Development


Associate in Social Service (2006)
Bachelors in Human Services and Management (2011)

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

BCI means a great deal to Jessica. “I first heard about BCI when vetting treatment options for my child, who happens to be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After speaking with multiple agencies, doctors, and specialists, BCI stood out as the first provider I felt had my child’s best interest at heart. BCI truly cares about their clients’ well being, and after interfacing as both a consumer and employee of BCI, I can say that it’s integrity is genuine and is apparent in all areas of business.” Jessica recognizes the impact that the clinical support team makes on a daily basis and through her role, takes pride in ensuring a positive experience for BCI’s clinical team, it’s clients and families.