Faira Segotta

Faira began her work as a milieu counselor in Albuquerque, New Mexico working with children in residential and day treatment programs. During that time, Faira discovered her passion of working with children and their families. In 2013, Faira started in the field of ABA as a behavior technician and began pursuing her BCBA. Faira was privileged to work with children and adolescents in the Albuquerque area in the community, school, and home settings. While working toward her BCBA, Faira supported the growth of BCI Albuquerque, becoming the first community liaison in the region and mentoring the next set of behavior technicians.

After completing her master’s and BCBA certification, Faira directed an ABA model classroom for a district in northern, NM. This provided the unique opportunity to work in the school setting for a community that had historically been underserved. During that time, Faira provided support to special education teachers on developing and sustaining evidence-based practices in the classroom. In support of BCI’s mission to provide underserved communities access to care, Faira provided supervision and management of some of BCIs most rural areas as a regional support clinician. During that time, Faira had the opportunity to work closely with our community partners throughout northern, NM.

Currently, Faira serves as a Clinical Supervisor & Clinical Liaison within BCI. Faira enjoys working across age ranges and managing a diverse caseload. Her passion for helping others and making a difference within her community are fulfilled daily with the success of her clients and their families.

Areas of Interest

Augmented & Assistive Technology
Functional Communication
Social Skills


Masters of Education, Arizona State University

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

BCI’s commitment to quality and compassion are what make working for this company so enriching. BCI not only gave me a home for my career but an opportunity to contribute to the lives of the families we help. It is a company that I am deeply proud of and so excited to still be a part of. BCIs mission of supporting rural New Mexico is close to my heart, having grown up here myself. Our community is better and stronger because BCI is a part of it.