Behavior Change Institute (BCI) introduced Mrs. Head to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in June of 2016. At that date, she was accepted into our internship program and earned her registered behavior technician (RBT) license. Direct services began in August of the same year. She says, “As I was not exposed to ABA prior to this time, my success as an RBT is a direct testiment to the hard work of the Training Team and supportive clinicians of Behavior Change Institute!” In January 2018, the positions of Technology Specialist and Materials Developer were incorporated into Abigail’s role. As Materials Developer, Abigail creates and ships visual aids and materials that are necessary for BCI’s field staff. Mrs. Head also monitors and trouble-shoots field staff’s technology through her role as Technology Specialist.


Bachelors of Social Work
Eastern New Mexico University

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

Abigail appreciates that the staff, on all levels, at Behavior Change Institute work together with both excellence and compassion, directly and indirectly, to improve the quality of life for children with Autism and their families in the home and in the community. She is grateful for the opportunity to provide daily support to client families through evidence-based interventions, as well as the opportunity to equip field staff for success!