Lauren Weingart

Lauren McKee has been with Behavior Change Institute for one and a half years. Lauren’s professional interests in information science and process & data management, along with Lauren’s personal commitment to underserved communities drive Lauren’s efforts in implementing projects to more efficiently manage, distribute, and communicate information & data at Behavior Change Institute.

Prior to working for Behavior Change Institute, Lauren gained experience in customer service and information management in postsecondary and public library settings. Lauren’s academic & professional research interests have consistently focused on health, well-being, and success in marginal, excluded, and underserved populations.


Southwestern Indiana Collections Connection Association (SICCA)

Areas of Interest

Information Science
Data Management
Customer Service
Process Design & Management
Employee Satisfaction & Success
Increasing Access to Resources in Underserved Communities.


Bachelor of Arts, University of Evansville

Volunteer Work

2014 – Volunteer, Coalition of Inner City Neighborhoods, Evansville, IN.
2010-2011 – Instructor, German Art & Language Class, K-5. Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library, Evansville, IN.

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

BCI’s mission to utilize technology to enhance access to resources in traditionally underserved communities is close to my heart. While the context has changed, at the core of my academic & professional life burns a consistent interest in the unique challenges experienced by individuals in marginalized communities and, more recently, in identifying effective strategies to help individuals overcome these challenges. This interest is absolutely personal. Throughout my life I have observed firsthand how factors like an individual’s income, the location of their home, their membership in certain demographic populations and/or social circles, and the public policies in effect in their communities can either increase or decrease their options when they are looking to take steps toward improving their health & quality of life. BCI gives individuals access to services that were previously inaccessible for some, and that is a mission I can stand behind. Hearing client success stories, particularly when the client had been unable to access ABA services prior working with BCI, is the most rewarding part of my work.