Stacey has an extensive background in administrative roles, specifically in scheduling. Additionally, she has over five years of experience working with adults and children with disabilities. Before BCI, she assisted adults and teens in developing job skills that were then implemented in businesses throughout the community. Stacey joined BCI in 2022 as an RBT, where she discovered her passion for ABA therapy. Today, she is part of the care coordination team with BCI. As the Cancellation Coordinator, she has combined her administrative skills and passion for ABA to help coordinate sessions.


University of Texas Arlington

Areas of Interest

Communication Skills
Care Coordination
Social Skills
Language Skills

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

BCI’s ongoing commitment to excellence in all that we do is emulated by the staff. BCI has done an outstanding job ensuring each staff member is trained and supported to provide excellence to those we serve. Stacey is continuously impressed with the BCI’s empathy for both the families and staff. She has made it her mission to continue this pattern of empathy and excellence as she serves on the Care Coordination Team.