Hannah began working with BCI after deciding to leave a different industry to pursue a career with the intention of helping others. While her previous job as a botanist was exciting and important, she decided to start from scratch in a completely new field through which she could shift her energy toward helping people. Mental and behavioral health have long been of great personal importance to Hannah and she was overjoyed to join the team at BCI and start down a new career path.

Since March of 2022, Hannah has worked in the field as a Registered Behavior Technician, providing personalized care to clients in her region. She gradually assumed more roles and responsibilities with the organization and was able to contribute to the greater mission of BCI through peer mentorship, skills clinic leadership, and community outreach.

In October of 2022, Hannah was honored to accept the position of Associate Training Coordinator. Through collaboration with the Training team and other departments, she now assists with the coordination efforts to provide quality training to incoming interns and employees, as well as ongoing learning for existing employees. She hopes to grow within this role as well and continue to be a meaningful contributor to the BCI team and its mission to provide the highest quality care to clients.

Currently, Hannah serves as an Associate Trainer & Skills Clinic Leader within BCI.


B.A. in Philosophy, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

From the beginning of her employment, Hannah noticed and appreciated that BCI sets itself apart by practicing its philosophy in all respects of its operations, including within the structure of the organization. Through a culture of respect and communication, the team behind BCI supports one another, which results in the highest quality of care to our clients and their families. The mission to provide services to underserved communities is something that deeply resonates with Hannah, who has long been passionate about increasing access to quality healthcare for all. Hannah aims to contribute to that mission through quality work, compassionate leadership and meaningful collaboration.