Shannan has 10 years of collections experience both in and out of the medical field. She joined BCI in March of 2020 where she strives to be a positive addition to the finance team. Shannan is responsible for payment posting, analyzing any denials and solving any issues that are standing in the way of payment from the insurance companies.

The BCI Mission and what it means to me

The mission of BCI is one that is near and dear to Shannan’s heart. She has 2 special needs children in her life, and she understands first-hand the struggles that families can have with acquiring access to ABA services. BCI’s ABA telehealth program is one that is pioneering the industry and offering services to those in more remote locations who may not otherwise have the opportunity to receive services. That access means the world to Shannan because no matter where she is, she knows she can get services for those children in her life that need it. Shannan also understands the financial strain services can have on a family’s budget even when health insurance is playing a role in coverage. She is dedicated to the client and their families to do all in her power to get those denial claims paid so that the budget is not strained and services can continue.