Claire Seibert
Caregiver Stakeholder

My name is Claire Seibert. I am a teacher in Gallup, NM. I have been teaching for over 30 years. I am originally from Maryland, but came out here on a mission trip and fell in love with the area, so I have been in NM for 6 yrs. I have a 23-yr-old daughter that lives back east, and a 15-yr-old son on the high-functioning end of the Spectrum. I have a B.S. in Elementary/Middle Education, a M.A. in Modern Humanities, and I’m currently about halfway through my Master’s in Autism Spectrum Disorders with Grand Canyon University. I am a co-leader of a local support group called Gallup Families with Autism, and I’m a participant in the Partnership in Policymaking through UNM’s CDD (Center for Development and Disability). I’m looking forward to learning more and helping families as a Stakeholder in this program.