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Dice Dreams occasionally uses complimentary rolls as a benefit for active players. In final thought, making cost-free rolls in Dice Dreams is totally feasible without resorting to hacks or mod apk data. Claim your cost-free rolls today and also allow the dice fantasizes come real!

Hello Summer! Hello Fun In The Sun!

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Lynnette Aguilar, M.A., BCBA, LBA

As summer is ramping up it is time to bust out those sunglasses and sunscreen with your clinical team to plan ahead to get the most out of your summer sessions experience!

Family Essentials For Summer Services 

  1. Share your vacation schedule with your clinical team at least 2 weeks in advance.
    1. This gives plenty of time to get those make up hours in before your trip! 
    2. You are able to brainstorm and share what goals may be most helpful and meaningful to focus on to support summer vacation plans such as proactive strategies to support long car rides or safety skills while traveling on an airplane! 
    3. You can relieve stress by knowing your team will be ready and waiting to resume upon your return home. 
  2. Check in with your Clinician to learn about any summer vacation plans for your RBT.
    1. Your clinician will go over what options are available for your family so that you can have confidence in your summer session schedule. 
    2. Options may look like RBT temporary coverage, scheduling your time off at the same time to limit service disruptions, having a telehealth services plan in place for remote support, or even increasing parent consultation meetings during this time! 
    3. Lean on your clinical team to identify a solid summer plan! We are here for you.
  3. Schedule a Fun Outing or Two with your RBT!! 
    1. This is a wonderful way to support the generalization and maintenance of learned skills in a natural and fun way. 
    2. Get a list of learned skills that are ready for generalization across people, environments, and materials.
    3. Work with your team to put a plan in place to practice these skills in the community. 
    4. Summer offers a wonderful occasion to get information on how well skills are retained over time and increase independence.

Summer Fun Ideas!

Summer Fun Ideas in Nature

  1. Meet up with peers at your community park
  2. Practice conversational skills and enjoy the scenery while on a nature hike
  3. Building up positive coping strategies by starting a home garden

Summer Fun Ideas In The Community

  1. Ice Cream Social to practice social and daily living skills
  2. Visit your local zoo to generalize things such as labeling animals, echoing animal sounds, staying in close proximity to your caregivers, and recalling events about what you did that day!
  3. Practice many social skills by inviting friends to join you on a trip to your local ice cream parlor
  4. Check out if your local library has any activities over the summer such as arts and crafts to practice following instructions, fine motor skills, and completing a task.

Spring Activities To Support New Skills

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Happy Spring, BCI Families!

Spring holidays bring many opportunities for fun and learning! Your family may be thinking of attending an Egg Hunt or are planning on having one at home. In preparation for family fun like this, your BCI clinician can help develop programming to support following instructions, waiting their turn, sharing with others, and using common social skills like greetings. Your BCI clinician and RBT can also set up practice opportunities so that your child has a chance to practice these family fun activities before the day of the event.

Common spring activities are wonderful opportunities to teach and generalize skills in a fun and natural way. When planning your spring activities, keep the following skills in mind. If your child would benefit from practicing these skills, then include your BCI team to make the most of the many opportunities Spring presents!

Dying Eggs

  • Following Instructions- 1-step and multi-step
  • Impulse Control- waiting to touch, waiting for the eggs to dye
  • Daily Living Skills– measuring, stirring, and timing
  • Communication– requesting what they want

Egg Hunts

  • Sharing– allowing other kids to have some eggs as well
  • Impulse Control– waiting their turn, not grabbing from others
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills– picking up eggs gently, placing in a basket, balancing a basket in one hand and bending over for other eggs

Flying Kites

  • Gross and Fine motor skills– running, turning the string
  • Turn Taking– allowing others to try
  • Tolerating Difficult tasks
  • Asking for Help

🌸 Sweet Spring Craft Ideas 🌸

Thanksgiving, the Tastiest Holiday of All

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Thanksgiving is such a yummy holiday with lots of delicious homemade food and different fall flavors. While many adults have a more developed palate, children are still developing theirs. Research has supported that the more a child is exposed to a flavor profile the more likely they are to develop a taste for it (Bouhlal S, Issanchou S, Chabanet C, Nicklaus S, 2014). 

Some children are much more selective with the types of foods they will eat than others. Some children are so selective they will only eat certain brands of a particular food. This can cause some challenges when eating a traditional holiday meal or when visiting friends and family. It may be helpful to pack a meal for your child to bring along or even make one of your child’s favorite foods to share with the family! 

In preparation for the thanksgiving holiday, consult your BCI clinician with your child’s food selectivity concerns. They can support you with identifying ways in which to expand your child’s preferences or how to navigate other meal time goals. 

Happy Eating!

Research Referenced
‘Just a pinch of salt’. An experimental comparison of the effect of repeated exposure and flavor-flavor learning with salt or spice on vegetable acceptance in toddlers.
Bouhlal S, Issanchou S, Chabanet C, Nicklaus S
Appetite. 2014 Dec; 83():209-217.

Other ways to support your child during the Thanksgiving Holiday

  • Begin practicing sitting for meals if your child is a grazer
  • Identify an independent activity to do while everyone eats
  • Offer some holiday food frequently prior to the holiday meal (presenting mashed potatoes on a plate but not requiring them to eat them, teaching a “no, thank you” bite)
  • Have your child join you in cooking or baking the meal
  • Have your child help you make the menu for the holiday